Spring Obsessions

I have been obsessed with the idea of a white blazer ever since seeing this collection by Imaan x Frame. The Spontaneous Outfit Vision that accompanies this is a messy bun, a pair of chunky glasses, this blazer, black bike shorts, a cross-body mini bag, and chunky sneakers. Contrast between sleek profiles and jagged ones–eclectic! The only problem is that all my favorite clothes are already “weekend” ones…I don’t envision ever wearing a white blazer to the office in my line of work, rampant with grease and aluminum shavings.

I’ve also been quite taken with startup-y bag brand Mlouye. Though I like minimalist color patterns, I love unique silhouettes and shapes. Mlouye has exactly these, though they also offer a lot of funkier colors in their collection. The Business Bag could be my next reward for a promotion/raise/new job, if any of those things ever come to pass. I also really like the Art Deco bag in Mosstone. Meanwhile, I continue to be “broke” until April 1st, and particularly frugal when it comes to apparel for the next year…

I also really like this black/grey tie-dye trend, once again an interesting, minimal take on a traditionally loud pattern. I’ve been interested in this Helmut Lang pullover since fall, but have never acted on it.

Finally, Jesse Kamm is always after my heart, this time with this sold-out Ulu Shirt Dress in particular (you can still find them at other stockists). The pieces are extremely simple and well made, and like the trench coat I own, I feel I could wear all of them over and over.

As you can see from this collection of images, I feel like my style oscillates between fashion-y athleisure and a sort of organic minimalist aesthetic. Occasionally I feel pulled to sleek tailoring pieces like the blazer, but my tendency is always to dress them down–partly because my job rarely calls for business formal attire.

While I can’t afford luxury items like these all the time, and some people might call this “window shopping” a waste of time, I think it’s interesting to take note of high-fashion and design trends. It’s both insightful to see what trickles down to the masses, getting copied or imitated at the Zaras and H&Ms of the world, as well as enlightening to see how I myself internally react to these. Even if I have never owned a piece from a particular trend, some things stick with me for a while, where others fade into the background and I feel glad I didn’t take the bait.

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