My Spontaneous Outfit Visions

I have received many spontaneous visions in my time. I’ll be doing nothing in particular and, like an oracle or a psychic, suddenly I will be accosted with a vision, vivid and urgent, a picture of myself in the future. However, rather than being Divine, I think these visions are caused by 1) an endless stream of online ads and influencers, as well as 2) the combined subtle details of all the media I consume. It is that thing, culture, which you coast along sleepily, not even realizing you are in it until you wake up and see the waterfall of behavioral changes ahead of you, too late.

Over the summer, for example, I was besotted with the idea of faux leather bike shorts, although I never acted on this impulse. I also had a vision of myself in a fitted jumpsuit, one that I did act on, but the jumpsuit unfortunately fit poorly. This fall/winter, I was seized with the idea of a black sleeveless turtleneck, tucking my hair into it like Phoebe Philo. Unfortunately, that would never work with my own hair, which has too much personality to be restrained so easily. Fortunately, a black turtleneck was a very affordable urge to satisfy and I got one from Everlane (though it was long-sleeve).

Now, for some reason I cannot explain, I see myself in all-black clothing, maybe with the aforementioned turtleneck and black jeans and a black sweater or coat, wearing, of all things, leopard-print boots. Lured out of my commitment to minimalism over the summer, winter beckons me back there, to monochrome dressing. But my summer experiments linger, urging me to have just enough pizazz to still be interesting.

Too bad I banned myself from buying clothes until March 2020 — but a girl can always dream.

Some Cole Haan boots that I would have bought.


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