I’m Obsessed with this Snack Brand

You know you have hit rock bottom when you are seriously contemplating having 18 5oz bags of snack food shipped to your house because the per-unit cost is about $0.03 less than in the grocery store.

I found myself in this interesting predicament one fine Wednesday lunch break because of this new snack brand I have become obsessed with.

This summer I failed miserably at Keto, but I still tried hard to be relatively low carb–and believe it or not, that slow, steady lifestyle change is actually working. I don’t eat bread or rice at home anymore, and it’s a lot easier to quickly calculate, when eating out, which option is the most low-carb friendly. Of course I still have dark chocolate and the occasional morning pastry (particularly right after 6am yoga) (i’m fully aware of how that parenthetical makes me sound like a bougie millennial, which admittedly, i sort of am). I don’t stress that much when eating out, and if I want something I’ll just eat it. For me personally, this slow, consistent change is far easier to maintain than something as extreme as keto. Now I’m just more “carb conscious”, I pay more attention and it affects my food-related choices.

But there was, in fact, a time when occasionally my total carb consumption was under 20 grams. At this time I sought foods I could eat with no (or at least less) guilt, and without violating my food goals.

I found Lesser Evil’s “Grain-Free Egg White Curls” at Whole Foods, and the rest is history.


While they aren’t exactly keto-friendly (will still push you over the typical daily limit if you eat a bunch of ’em) they definitely have way lower carbs than other varieties of puff snacks, and best of all, I don’t feel gross at all when I eat a whole bag. That’s why I keep coming back to them, even though they’re a little more expensive and I don’t really have a strict eating regimen anymore. I physically feel better after a bag of these than after a bag of Pirate Booty or Pop Chips, which are already “seems healthy” type snack brands. This is what trying to do keto/low carb taught me most–at the end of the day, simple carbs don’t make me feel that great, even if they may be “natural”. I find that processed carbohydrates are often what’s responsible for that post-junk-food icky feeling (for me, at least).

I’ve also grown to love the grain-free paleo puffs. I eat both of these, the egg white curls and paleo puffs in all the flavor varieties, but I think my favorite in both is “egg + cheese” and “no cheese cheesiness” respectively. I know, it seems paradoxical, but what can I say. I’m hooked for life and the 18 5-oz bags of puffs directly from the brand site is still sitting in my cart. The brand has been around since 2005, so they’re pretty established and hopefully I won’t have to stockpile these things like a crazy apocalypse prepper.

paleo puffs.jpg

A note on where to find these: I usually buy them at Whole Foods. I find that they are always on sale for some reason, at around ~3.50 (I suspect this might be a marketing ploy and they’re not really usually 4.99).

The other thing you can do is buy in bulk direct from the brand, and when you sign up for an account, Lesser Evil will give you 20% off your first order :O

Then finally Prime Grocery or whatever its called can deliver to you from your nearest Whole Foods at a price of usually ~$3.15, but there’s a delivery fee so you may want to order other groceries/in bulk to make it worth it.

Anyway, happy snacking~


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