#TMITuesday: Trying Sustain

In the #TMITuesday series, I write about items that are usually Too Much Information for the average person–period products, the best panties, etcetera. See the post on choosing thongs and the original post about Flex


Last time I tried Flex. This time, I tried a bunch of Sustain products, in the never-ending quest to have a better period.


Sustain is a subscription period products brand, similar to Cora. They also sell other items like lube, period panties, massage oil and body wash.

I was running out of my usual stock of Always liners and U by Kotex tampons and saw that Sustain was having a sale. So, I thought this would be a perfect time to try Sustain.


My Items

I tried:

  • Sustain Tampons
  • Sustain Liners
  • Sustain Body Wash
  • Sustain Massage Oil

I already had a lot of pads, so I didn’t need those. I used their kit “customizer” but found I had to adjust the quantities a little–I wish their site made it a little easier to just order the pads/tampons/liners etc. directly (at least as far as I could tell you have to take the “customizer” quiz first).

Sustainable Period Products?

The tampons and liners were…well, tampons and liners. They worked fine, and weren’t noticeably different from other tampons and liners I use. I liked that the liners had good adhesive coverage (no sticking to skin or uncomfortable places…). Supposedly the products are all “natural” and don’t have “chemicals”, but I’m skeptical of this recent anti-conventional-tampons craze.

One other thing I liked were that the tampon applicators are “bio-plastic”, made of 90% sugar cane. It is unclear, however, what the other 10% is, and what the plastic film covering the tampons are made of. Greater transparency would be appreciated.

I do like the subscription–I haven’t canceled mine yet, it seems convenient and I look forward to not having to think about restocking in a panic (because I used to track my period but have now become lazy about it). The total cost came out to around $24 per month for all products combined, which is on par with the price I pay at Target or wherever.

So, what you get when you’re buying Sustain are products that profess to be more natural and better for the environment, a subscription service, and, crucially, a price that’s comparable to brick and mortar stores.

Other Stuff


As I mentioned, I also picked up some body-care products, the Sustain Massage Oil (can also be used as a body oil) and the Sustain Body Wash.

I like the body wash, I think it’s a cheaper alternative to the Necessaire body wash, and equally good for dry or sensitive skin at a lower price point.

However, now that it’s summer I find I need a little more lather–plus, at the end of the day it’s still body wash and sometimes I want to prioritize other things in my finances. All that to say, the body wash I currently use is the “Smartly” brand I picked up for $2 from Target.

The massage oil I was unimpressed by–but it was fine. Nothing to get excited about; maybe I would have used it more if it smelled good (it doesn’t smell bad, just not particularly fragrant) but I think body oils in general are not something I’m that into. I use it occasionally; maybe when fall/winter comes I’ll use it up (I have generally dry skin).

Those are my thoughts on Sustain! I would definitely repurchase the period products just to see how convenient the subscription is (I actually already have an order coming sometime soon) but I think I’ll pass on the body products. They weren’t exceptional for their price point.

Next Tuesday, I’ll be writing about pads from Cora, and it’s on my personal care bucket list to try a menstrual cup.

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