Jason Markk Update: Fresh Kicks Addiction

A couple months ago, I wrote a review of Jason Markk’s Repel spray. I have to say that since then, I’ve used the Jason Markk Travel Kit so many times, and each time, the process of cleaning my sneakers has never failed to delight me. There was one day that I failed to do laundry because I was too lazy, but I cleaned my sneakers just for fun.

Each part of the kit is so good, but the really necessary items (the ones worth getting from the Jason Markk brand) are the Premium Shoe Cleaner, the Repel spray, and, if you’re really meticulous about your kicks, the Quick Wipes. You can probably find a soft-bristled brush that’s similar to the Premium Brush, and any old microfiber cloth will probably do, but it was nice to buy the Travel Kit because I didn’t have any of those by any other brand, so I highly recommend this if you are a beginner to taking care of your things, like me.

Premium Shoe Cleaner

This. Shit. Is. Magic.



There is nothing more satisfying than taking a dirty shoe and cleaning it with Jason Markk’s brush and Repel. I want to get the Standard Brush from their site next because, the clean freak I am, I want to have a separate brush to clean the midsole and even the bottom of my shoe (I just feel like dirt moves around, so cleaning everything thoroughly makes it all last longer, ya know?). The standard brush is harsher and good for those areas.

But, you might notice I didn’t include a “before” picture, and that’s because my shoes weren’t *dramatically* dirty (you could notice it in person, but less so in photos). And that’s because in-between cleanings, I used….

Quick Wipes


Since I bought the travel kit from Need Supply, I didn’t actually read the Quick Wipes description that said it was double-sided, with one rough texture and another smooth side. The Travel Kit only came with three of these, so initially I’d just been wiping down my white shoes with baby wipes (plus it was a good way to test Repel, since they’re so minimal). I thought the Quick Wipes would be unnecessary–they’re probably just baby wipes soaked in the cleaning solution, right? I was definitely surprised when I saw the abrasive blue dots. It was at that time I realized, these people really thought hard about shoe care. These people really know what they’re doing. Wow, thank you Jason. I’m a total convert and I’m definitely picking up the Quick Wipes + Standard Brush from their shop next.

And then, you finish it all up with…


I already wrote a review of this, and the process is definitely a little tedious, especially if you’re minimalist like me and only have two pairs of sneakers. You can’t wear your sneakers for two full days while you wait for Repel to cure. But I think it’s pretty worth it. Also, the original review I read for Repel used it on everything leather, not just shoes–thinking I’ll have to clean and spray my bags with this kit next (so versatile!)

The Life Changing Magic of Cleaning Your Shoes

You know what’s funny? People never compliment my white sneakers. Instead, they just compliment me on having sneakers that are so white. They aren’t “like new” per se, but because of that, they’re astonished that they’re so obviously used and still white. And I personally love that–partly because I’m now the Shoe Queen among my friends, and also because I actually like my things a bit worn-in. I do believe when you use your things you impart a little of your spirit and personality in them, which is a very metaphysical Marie Kondo vibe, but there you have it.

I’m now addicted to fresh kicks, thanks to Jason Markk.

(is it nerdy that my favorite part of the Huaraches is that you can disassemble them to clean them? no? yes?)

P.S. They have some great YouTube tutorials, where you can watch them transform some dirty shoes into crisp, clean ones. My favorite:


I don’t watch (or understand) ASMR, but for me, this is maybe the closest thing.

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