Bombas Socks

I discovered Bombas through my best friend Kayla (you will hear about her a lot) and I was intrigued by their buy-one-give-one model. Now, I hate TOMS’ and other companies’ buy-one-give-one model, especially as it involves sub-saharan African nations, for a variety of reasons that are basically summed up in this youtube video. But Bombas Socks’ buy-one-give-one model is domestic, not international, meaning they work directly with homeless shelters in the United States; something that makes a lot more sense to me. Again, if our design motto is beautiful, robust, ethical, and useful, Bombas partly satisfied “ethical” for me, although I wish they had clearer information about their manufacturing processes and a sustainability component. That said, Bombas is certified B corporation, which means they went through some kind of environmental impact assessment (it is unclear to me what, exactly, and I couldn’t find much on what the B corporation certification actually is or what assessments they do…)

Bombas No-Show Socks

Fit Info: my usual shoe size is a US Women’s 9.5

Rating: 9/10

Fit: True to Size

Size I buy: M

Durability: 8/10 (some holes after extended use)

I really wanted no-show socks that didn’t do that falling-down-at-the-heel thing. And Bombas was the answer. For that reasons, these socks get a 9/10. I use them almost daily in all but the coldest winter weather. They are super comfortable, and of the no-show socks I have, they have the lowest falling-down rate. I can’t guarantee that it will never happen, but it’s pretty close to never, which compared to every other kind of no-show sock I’ve owned, is fantastic.

When considering durability, I had to consider that I did wear these socks a lot, and I am also *cough* not the best at remembering to clip my toenails. But I think the Bombas Cushioned No-Show Socks, with more material in the toe and heel, and any of the other non-no-show socks which also have more material, might last even longer. I actually just ordered some of the cushioned no-shows, and I’ll update this post or write another when I try them out.

Because of the limited durability I considered giving Bombas an overall rating of 8, but realizing that I reach for them again and again and again, the rest of their design components (beautiful in that they are invisible, ethical at least in a broad sense, and definitely useful to me) they deserved a little higher than that.

They always look perfect–which is to say, invisible.

And here’s a really good indicator of quality: my mom stole a pair from me 😛

Other sock brands I’m curious about–I haven’t tried these but they have peaked my interest:

Gekks, a company that makes shoe-liners you can leave in your heels and flats (and other shoes, but seems to stand out with those in particular).

The Titan Sock (A kickstarter project)

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