Review: Teva Sandals

(This review is adapted from one I wrote that originally appeared on tumblr) 

My Immortal Shoes


Let me tell you something.


(excuse the profanity)

If there is one product that I consider the most durable thing I have ever purchased in my entire life it’s this deceptively flimsy-looking pair of Teva sandals right here.


(I know bc I checked my 3-year-old Amazon order history)

I’ve had them since 2015. I have literally hiked through a forest in southern Ethiopia for 4 hours (to visit my grandma) during both rainy and dry seasons in these.

I have run all over Boston in these.

Currently they are my need-to-run-downstairs-to-get-my-food-delivery shoes while I’m in Shanghai, China.

And every time they look a little warm, I just rinse them off, in the sink. Soap often not even necessary. And they look exactly the same.

These sandals are not just durable.


Bonus, almost everyone from my home state (Colorado) has at least one pair. I myself was inspired to get them after camping with my godparents as a teenager, and thinking they’d be nice to have for shorter trips instead of my heavy hiking boots.

I have no idea if they still have this particular style, but I’m so convinced of this brand’s quality that I’m sure you can just run out and get a similar kind and they’ll be just as immortal.

My only complaint is that this *particular* style is a pull-strap, and so on more intense, longer walks or hikes they tend to slip out of place (but that doesn’t affect the immortality of them, and they were never advertised for this purpose) And given that they are immortal, I probably only need one pair, but for the above reason and just because, I might get one more in a different, more secure, style.

Ok. I know what you’re thinking. “but there’s one big catch…” yeah yeah, these are socks-with-sandals level dad-shoes. They may or may not have been the subject of some memes a few times. But you know what, if Balenciaga has taught me anything, it’s that we are living an age of normcore, gorpcore, and dadcore. Also, the 90s never ended. Embrace it. I actually always thought they looked cool. One time while walking over the summer in Boston, some white college boy yelled “what are those” out of a truck, and I didn’t even think he was talking about my shoes until my friend suggested it. To which I thought, excuse me, what is your face. My shoes are fine.


In case that is not enough to convince you, look at this cool, fashiony collab done with Chloe and Halle:

Even Beyoncé’s Favorite Teens Can’t Resist Tevas

Cool teens wear comfy shoes.


And just so you know, I got these in 2015, so, way before they were cool.

Immortal shoes. For less than $50. Remarkable. Tevas is the thing I will go “they don’t make ‘em like that anymore” about to my grandchildren. But hopefully they keep making them.


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