Review: Everything Everlane

I have always wanted to do this for many of the reasons I outlined in a soap box monologue in my Jesse Kamm Trench Mostaza post–in short, the types of reviewers for many of the brands I like are often not people who look like/are shaped like me. I feel obligated to give back to this niche, startup fashion community, especially the few who were similar in size and fit to me. This goes out to you, Carol from Minnesota, who was bold enough to publish that she was 5’ 6” and 160 pounds and helped me decide whether a box-cut tee in medium would fit me well.

As you will soon discover, my favorite things from Everlane are t-shirts–a lot of different, great cuts, sustainably/ethically made, affordably priced. What more could you want?

Here is everything I own from Everlane:

  • The Cotton Box-Cut Pocket Tee (many)
  • The Cotton Cropped Tee (seasonal, will likely be back in summer)
  • The Cotton V-Neck
  • The Silk Tank
  • The Relaxed Silk Shirt
  • Modern Point Shoes
  • Underwear (many)

And here is my fit information: 5’7”, 170 pounds, bust-waist-hip: 39”-31”-46”. I’d like to note that I never actually buy bottoms that list the hip size as 46”, I usually base my bottoms off of just my waist measurement and will take a hip measurement of 40”, but depending on the material this definitely means there is the most stress on the fabric around my hips, causing it to sometimes fit awkwardly.

The Cotton Box-Cut Pocket Tee


Rating: 10/10

Fit: Cropped, relaxed

Size I Buy: Multiple. Usually medium; I think this is a large and below is a small–choose based on how relaxed/cropped you want the fit.

Durability: 9/10. I have owned some of mine for maybe 1.5 years, and I use and abuse these on all 365+ days per year of those, machine wash, etc. As they are more visibly worn out, I use them more for “undershirts” with sweaters and cardigans and wear the less-worn-out ones alone. But they’ve yet to break down in any significant way–no holes or tears (and I’m often in places like machine shops, or hiking through dense forest), no annoying loose threads at the seams. Incredibly good quality for a t-shirt. If you get a printed one though (such as the 100% human tee) the print will start to crack a bit, but maybe you can go for a vintage-y thrift store effect.

I love this shirt. I could sing the praises of this shirt all day long. I don’t know if Everlane was the first brand to start this slightly-cropped-boxy-tee trend (it also seems to be a sort of 60’s/70’s revival), but they were definitely one of the first, and I LOVE that fit. It is perfect for me because most shirts hit at the hip, which looks weird on me and I usually tuck them in. With the box-cut tee I can wear it a million ways–under slightly shorter sweatshirts, partly-tucked into anything high-waisted, relaxed and comfortable. Simple, incredible, my daily driver. I have like 10 of them.

Oh, and the 100% Human print is a closet staple, both because it supports the ACLU and because I’m a mixed person, I like to point to it whenever people ask me “what are you?”



The Cotton Cropped Shirt


Just like the box-cut tee, but for going out on weekends or hot days in summer. ‘Nuff said. It’s also great for layering with other pieces, like my ADAY It’s a Wrap Vest (again, the only vest I actually own).


The Cotton V-Neck

Rating: 8/10

Fit: Cropped, relaxed

Size I Buy: Medium

Durability: 7/10, I owned this for about a year. But I got the white one–another color might stand up to prolonged use a bit better. The material is also a bit thin, though, but again, no holes or seam unraveling throughout the whole time I wore it.

A different cut, so I usually tuck or partially these in or let it sort of drape and scrunch up naturally–anything that does not involve it actually hitting at its full length, which about reaches mid-hip. I got white and no longer have this shirt because all white shirts die eventually, although recently I have been trying to combat that with some pre-treat-with-vinegar-life-hack and maybe (if you can stand it) not wearing aluminum-based deodorant. The material is a little lighter and more sheer–great for summer, very versatile piece, a good closet staple/basic. And it’s also a strategist favorite. (Let it be known that I was there before it was cool, ok)

The Silk Tank


Rating: 8/10

Fit: Relaxed

Size: Medium

Durability: 8/10. Impressive for silk because I accidentally machine-washed it once. I think this is because it’s very minimal–not many seams, it’s basically a piece of fabric and nothing else, where as the button-down versions have more seams and different cuts of fabric sewn together.

Let it be known that I am a “hard grader”, and 8 is my rating for anything that’s pretty good but not so outstanding or versatile that it’s a must-have piece. This is a great tank, an excellent summer layering piece–I hate dressing in the summer because I often find it’s more difficult to find things that fit, are comfortable in the hit, and look a little more polished, but this silk tank hits all those requirements. I love tying the hem in a knot so that it’s a bit cropped and pairing it with the only actual vest I own, the ADAY it’s a wrap vest (which has maybe been discontinued). An especially good anecdote–I machine-washed and dried it on accident once, and it came out perfectly wearable despite my mistake.




The Relaxed Silk Shirt


Rating: 7.5/10

Fit: Relaxed

Size: 10

Durability: 7.5/10. Considering it is 100% silk, not bad. I owned it for maybe 1.5 years before I maybe discolored it using too-harsh soap and hang drying in a room with uneven sunlight distribution. Silk is hard to care for; if you know that going in, I’m sure you could take much better care of it and make it last longer. There was at some point maybe one or two loose threads from seams or buttons, though, which also knocks off a half-point. Would advise wearing undershirts or something because it also got discolored over time in the armpit area–I’ve been interested in this concept from startup Numi, but you can definitely DIY something or just buy a light t-shirt.

This was the first thing I ever bought from Everlane, and the first silk piece I owned. I give it a 7.5 only because the fabric was (obviously) hard to care for and it eventually sort of died in the form of some discoloration and just looking visible worn down. But, as I will write in another post, buying good quality is not enough, caring for those clothes is important too. So, the care part was partly my fault, as I was in college and not yet knowledgeable enough to do things like have stain removers for different types of stains on hand, pre-treat things with white vinegar, or give up on really delicate items and take them to the cleaners. But I can’t say that it didn’t do its job–I really used an abused this shirt. It was the go-to for every presentation and interview and speech. I’m wearing in these photos on spring break in Spain and then with my teammate right after pitching a startup idea at the MIT Creative Arts Competition. This is one of those objects I truly “thanked” before putting it in the donation pile, the Marie Kondo way.

Modern Point Shoes

Rating: 5/10

Fit: tight! Size up! Like maybe a whole size! Or be prepared to exchange them.

Size: 9.5 (but should have gotten a 10)

Durability: 9/10. With even minimal care, the object stood up to being stretched out by drying, losing and replacing a heel, and regular wear and tear. I’m very impressed by that.

Ok. So I was dumb about this one. I wore them and they were tight. This itself is already a minus–it said they ran small, but I’m normally a 9 and got 9.5. I didn’t expect to have to go up a full size, to 10. That’s a little too much for me to accept sizing as an excuse on an internet-focused brand; they should have had a better size chart. I was too excited so I walked around in them and after a while they were so uncomfortable that I could barely walked. I should have never worn them in the first place and returned them right away, or contacted Everlane’s customer support even after I’d worn them to see what could be done. But instead, I ended up borrowing my best friend Kayla’s hair dryer and using that method to stretch out the shoes. They fit all right after that, and were also a pretty good workhorse in college–worn to every interview and business-casual event, etc. The leather is good quality. Once while walking to my carpool for an internship, the heel block just fell off in the hot sun. I somehow didn’t notice and left it on the sidewalk. I came back, walking the same direction, and actually found the heel still sitting on the sidewalk, which I felt like was maybe a sign from God. For $10 Jimmy’s Shoe Repair in Cambridge put the heel back on and cleaned them; they looked good as new.

So, the material and construction are great, withstanding abuse and easy to repair, which earns these shoes the 5 points they have. My biggest complaint is that these shoes are uncomfortable, and will likely be going into my donation pile soon. Everlane has redone their modern point since then, so I don’t know if the fit is any different now, but that taper at the end really squeezes your toes. I got a too-small pair, but I suspect it would still be bothersome around your toes even with the right size of shoe. If they do fit you well, though, I imagine that with proper care they could last years and years, which makes me interested in Everlane’s other shoes.


Rating: 9/10

Fit: Fitted, secure

Size: Large

Durability: N/A. So far so good, but haven’t had it for very long (4 months). That said, some other panties I’ve owned unraveled like hell in that same amount of time, so…

These are great. The material is really nice. I wish they had more colors. So far, easy to care for and the seams haven’t unraveled or anything. It is plain and simple and does not make me think very hard in the morning, which is exactly what I want out of my underwear. But it goes beyond that–sustainably made! Which is the biggest reason, for me, to buy all your basics from Everlane. It’s making one conscious choice so you never have to think about it again for the life of the item–which, for Everlane, is pretty long.

My friend (and my roommate’s dog) Max, adorably ruining our homemade “photoshoot” while I “model” the Cotton Cropped Tee~

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