Review: ADAY Sweatshirts, Vest, and Sports Bra

Fun Fact: the only actual vest I own (despite the name of this blog) is the It’s A Wrap Vest by ADAY. Unfortunately that seems to have been discontinued, but maybe they will bring it back for summer.

Brand Overview:

ADAY claims to focus on technical materials–making everyday clothes that look good, but are also made from fabrics that perform better (anti-pilling, handles sweat, etc.) than traditional ones. In this way it reminds me of another brand I like, Kit and Ace, which is sort of like ADAY’s workwear older sister. Kit and Ace was started by a former lead designer from Lululemon, so I guess it’s really Lululemon’s workwear older sister, but I digress…

ADAY is also a brand with sustainability as one of their core missions which is partly what attracted me to them. I can’t remember how I heard about them–I think possibly after discovering Everlane and searching for other sustainable brands. They seem to be much smaller than either Everlane or Kit and Ace, too, a true startup at this stage.

Their fabrics really are better performing, and especially if you actually follow care instructions, you can rely on this brand to be robust. During the time I’ve owned these pieces, I wasn’t very good at following care instructions and was going through a(n even more) minimalist phase where I had very few clothes in general–meaning, I wore these a ton during their respective seasons, potentially multiple days a week. In other words, I’ve used and abused these, and they’ve held up.

Other than the vest, I own three other pieces from ADAY–the Like A Boss Sweatshirt, the Off-Duty Sweatshirt, and the Fast Forward Bra.

For fit reference, here is my information: 5’7”, 170lbs, 39”-31”-46”

Like A Boss Sweatshirt


Overall Rating: 8/10

Fit: Structured but roomy, trapezoid-like, a little closer/snug as you move toward the shoulders/neck

My Size: Medium

Durability: 7.5/10 I have owned this for 1.5 years, with heavy use in the fall/winter. This loses a half point because the netting in the back can get easily pulled at and look a little weird or worn in places (you can see it if you zoom in on the image of my back), I imagine that a wall made of velcro would be its kryptonite but other than that no major flaws, and I have given this no special care.

Off-Duty Sweatshirt


Overall Rating: 7/10

Fit: Slightly cropped, relaxed in the body but slim fit in the arms

My Size: Medium

Durability: 7/10 I have also owned this for 1.5 years, heavy use in fall/winter. This loses a full point for being bunched up at the seams after a machine wash, but that may also be my fault (not sure if the wash was >30 C, can’t remember if I maybe accidentally dried it in the dryer–college is hard, ok) but also, a couple loose threads on seams, especially around the end of the sleeves. But with better care I think it would perform well, and I still wear it.

This was almost a 6/10, but gets a point for the aesthetics. Yes, surprisingly I do value that. It’s an incredibly unique piece. It looks cool, and slightly avant-garde. And true to ADAY’s mission, But I do have some complaints.

First of all, while ADAY works hard to avoid piling in their fabrics (and has delivered on that promise) this particular one attracts lint like no other. I have to thoroughly use a lint roller before going out the door and am wary of wearing it with a fluffy scarf I own. Second, see my durability comments. But if you’re willing to make sure it’s cared for correctly, I think it could look less worn than mine does after the same amount of time. I still wear it often, so it’s lasted well enough for me, even despite those flaws, and makes a great winter layering piece–where, under other clothes or outerwear, minor defects might not be so important.

Fast Forward Bra


Overall Rating: 9/10

Fit: Tight and not padded (so beware of, uh, colder days or wearing lighter shirts on top of this…)

My Size: Medium (but I should have gotten a large). I’m typically a 36C with a 39″ bust.

Durability: 10/10. Held up very, very well over the 2 years I’ve owned it–despite my own attempts to pretty viciously break it in, because the medium was a little too tight.

This piece is amazing. I have worn it everywhere to everything. I have done hot yoga in it. I have used it as almost an extra “layer” in winter, under a long sleeve which goes under a sweater. It is near perfect. The medium, I discovered after a while, was a little too tight and I should have ordered a large. After realizing that, I pretty viciously tried to get the fabric to stretch out–did not follow care instructions, went to hot yoga, etc. It astonishingly bounced back almost every time. Finally, I once was late to a dinner and asked my roommate to just toss all my clothes in the dryer when the wash cycle was done, and alas, the bonding fabric glue that is used for some (not all) of the seams on this bra gave and fell apart. I took it to the tailor’s and I expect it back to being an everyday staple in just a few days, after some stitches. The fabric itself is still wonderfully durable and still has a nice, snug (now *slightly* less tight) fit that’s great for athletic activities. I was actually disappointed to find that, at least right now, this is the only piece in ADAY’s sports bra line, but I hope more will be coming for spring and summer.

It’s a Wrap Vest


Overall Rating: 8/10

Fit: Relaxed

My Size: Large

Durability: 8/10. 2 years old in this image. Some weird bunching of fabric in certain places after one machine wash, but again, I may not have washed cold or followed the care instructions exactly.

And finally, the vest that started it all. Well, not really, but it’s the only vest I own. And can’t you see why? Rather than the (in my opinion) rather frumpy or just outdoorsy look of most vests, this one is tasteful, more like a summer cardigan. I wear this often in the summer, especially with cropped T-shirts (this one is the Everlane Cotton Cropped Tee) for comfort. I used to hate summer clothes–they always feel cheap or insubstantial, so it’s hard to find pieces that look good, are made to last, and feel comfortable. The ADAY vest checks all those boxes and can elevate any summer outfit. It comes with a belt, too, but I usually prefer to go without.

Skeptical of this belt–doesn’t quite hit at the right place for this to be flattering in my opinion.

It unfortunately seems to be discontinued, but who knows, maybe it will come back in Summer 2019? Either way, I look forward to seeing what ADAY puts out next; I’ve been following them almost from their beginning. I have my eyes (constrained by my wallet) on the Something Borrowed Shirt.





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